Tel Aviv Street Art Map

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Top 10 Places to See Street Art in Tel Aviv

Interactive Street art map of Tel Aviv

Why should you download the street art map of Tel Aviv?

Top Tel Aviv street art spots

Graffiti and street art are a changing and dynamic – the appearance of an art work on the map, does not prove that the work still exists, and has not been disrupted/removed/deleted.
The maps contain about 60% of the works in those neighborhoods – so you always have more to discover by yourself…

Tel Aviv Alternative Street Art Tour

The map of graffiti and street art in Tel Aviv created by Dror Hadadi, a blogger on street art and graffiti –

All rights to the map and photos belong to Dror Hadadi. Do not embed or otherwise use without permission!

About me

My name is a Dror Hadadi and I have always loved and been attracted to the subversion art of graffiti. The urban art, which takes place in the public space 24/7, captivates my heart.

In my view, graffiti, is a free entry ticket to a global exhibition that is constantly changing, growing and evolving.

The graffiti creates and drives an artistic dialogue between the viewer, the architecture and the urban life. Sometimes graffiti disrupts, hurts,
and shatters its presence on the wall. Sometimes it brings the public wall to life, allowing us a colorful and exciting glimpse into the graffiti artist's private world – and our own world as viewers.
In both cases, instant communication and dialogue is created between the viewer and the message left for him on the wall.
The graffiti, due to its presence in the urban-public space, engages in dialogue with us on a daily basis, enabling us to communicate with the space near us, which serves as decor for our living and urban environment.


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