Ten leading graffiti & street art areas in Tel Aviv

Planning a visit to Tel Aviv? Interested in street art? This post is tailor-made for you!

You can find graffiti and street art on many streets/areas in Tel Aviv, but if you want to experience the most interesting areas, see art works of leading artists from Israel and the world, discover combinations of techniques – this map is exactly for you! (Wait a few seconds and the map will upload). In this graffiti and street art Tel Aviv map you will find more than 1,000 art works scattered throughout the city.

The streets of Tel Aviv are an artistic melting pot consisting of a huge array of styles, techniques and methodologies. A variety of types of street art that are expressed in different ways, for example: poetry and poetics, color, art, design and deal with various topics such as: humor, misery of life, politics, subversive messages, consumerism and more.

My compulsive need to engage in art in the public space, is for me an incredibly illuminating and positive experience. Knowing that there are miles of streets with graffiti works that I have not yet scanned is an amazing driving force. As a resident and fan of Tel Aviv culture, I invite you to put on comfortable shoes and start walking in this stunning city. Open your eyes and come with an open mind to discover and enjoy contemporary, kicking, underground and creative street art.

Tel Aviv continues to be a beacon for graffiti artists who feed and contribute to the city's energy. Street art and graffiti are to me love letters to the city and I admire the artists who continue to strive, act and inspire. I salute those who continue the struggle – those who are actively involved in the design of one of the resources we all share – the public space. Graffiti has been and always will be a part that cannot and should not be denied from the changing visual-urban landscape.

The list of graffiti complexes is arranged chronologically according to my priority – come on let's start walking.

The list of graffiti & street art complexes is arranged chronologically
according to my priority – come on let's start walking.

About me

My name is a Dror Hadadi and I have always loved and been attracted to the subversion art of graffiti. The urban art, which takes place in the public space 24/7, captivates my heart.

In my view, graffiti, is a free entry ticket to a global exhibition that is constantly changing, growing and evolving.

The graffiti creates and drives an artistic dialogue between the viewer, the architecture and the urban life. Sometimes graffiti disrupts, hurts,
and shatters its presence on the wall. Sometimes it brings the public wall to life, allowing us a colorful and exciting glimpse into the graffiti artist's private world – and our own world as viewers.
In both cases, instant communication and dialogue is created between the viewer and the message left for him on the wall.
The graffiti, due to its presence in the urban-public space, engages in dialogue with us on a daily basis, enabling us to communicate with the space near us, which serves as decor for our living and urban environment.


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