Graffiti in Netanya

Graffiti Day Trip in Netanya

Netanya's main streets provide a unique atmosphere that combines an Israeli coastal city, diverse street food, squares and avenues full of restaurants, coffee shops and shops.

The reason I went to Netanya, of course, is to enjoy the graffiti works scattered downtown. Most of the graffiti in this post comes from an international project that brought to Israel about ten artists from different countries. The project is based on a collaboration between the Municipality of Netanya and the Artists 4 Israel organization, whose vision is to bring renowned artists from around the world to Israel to paint a beautiful picture of Israel around the world. The post also contains other graffiti pieces that do not belong to the project.

Graffiti masterpiece of Odeith from Portugal – Location: 7 Herzl St., Netanya.

Netanya's market is one of the most vibrant markets in Israel, a tour of the alleys and booths in the midst of pleasant colors and smells. Fresh vegetables, spices, meats, fish, clothing and home appliances. The market was established in the late 1950s by Libyan and Tunisian immigrants and over the years has grown and evolved greatly. Today, the market is divided into two regions: the original market alleys and the new (indoor) market complex. Even in the market itself, sharp points will find graffiti on the stall blinds, power cabinets, alleys and surrounding parking lots.

In this post, I propose to enjoy all the benefits of downtown Netanya and combine urban walks, street food, graffiti, and a European-Mediterranean atmosphere. Let's start hiking.

 Graffiti masterpiece of Chemis‏‏ from Czech Republic – Location: 1 Shoham St., Netanya.

Graffiti masterpiece of CosTwo from Germany – Location: Ginger 6, Netanya.

I don't know about you, but with all the smells around, my appetite opened up.
At this point, let me recommend you stop by to eat at two unique places you won't find in many places:
Friksa – Tunisian Sandwich (fried bun with tuna, egg, potato, arisa, capers, spicy).
The result is a combination of sharpness and sourness that is unlike anything else and blasts your mouth with happiness.
Location: "Our Diamant" Tunisian Family, at 5 Diamond Street (Middle Market).

Spinge (a thin, viscous flour mixture thrown into deep oil).
After frying, we dip in sugar water on one side and sugar on the other. The inside of the spine remains white, soft and low while the outside, crispy and brown. The sponge is fried on the spot, just by the amount you ordered, because freshness is the name of the game here.
Location: Mobile stand on the corner of Herzl / Gate Gate, more towards Gate Gate.

Graffiti masterpiece of Jaba from Belgium / Colombia – Location: Tel Hai 4 Netanya.

Graffiti masterpiece of URNY from the United States
Location: Joshua Stampfer 4, Netanya (Young Center).

Graffiti masterpiece of Belin & Flaxti from Spain and Mexico – Location: Herzl 7, Netanya.

Graffiti masterpiece of They Drift From the United States
Location: On the Boardwalk – Behind the Residence Hotel, Netanya.

Shall we stop for coffee and pastry? happily!

So there really is no shortage of great coffee shops and patisseries in Netanya city center and yet allow me to recommend three places … just so you have to choose from 🙂

1) The Perugino Confectionery, 4 Herzl Street, Netanya Street with a sweet selection to get your eyes on it.

2) Cafe Venice, 7 Sha'ar HaGai Street Netanya. Here you will find a unique sweet selection of tripulatus … Italian … such as omber cookies (meringue and almonds with a unique marzipan flavor), taroni (a hard nougat sprinkle with almonds and peanuts in it) and many more tripolitical flavors and sweets.

3) Cafe Stamper, 6 Joshua Stamper Street, Netanya. The cafe is in the square that has been renovated for the past two years, the atmosphere is young, there are a number of graffiti pieces that can be seen directly from the chair in the coffee shop and the food is varied and delicious.

Graffiti masterpiece of Chemis from Czech Republic
Location: 11 Independence Square, Netanya.

Graffiti masterpiece of Rami Meiri from Israel – Location: Herzl 2, Netanya

Graffiti masterpiece of Muro from the Canary Islands (Spain)
Location: 8 Independence Square, Netanya.

Graffiti masterpiece of Spok from Spain
Location: Independence Square – Control Rooms, Netanya.

About me

My name is a Dror Hadadi and I have always loved and been attracted to the subversion art of graffiti. The urban art, which takes place in the public space 24/7, captivates my heart.

In my view, graffiti, is a free entry ticket to a global exhibition that is constantly changing, growing and evolving.

The graffiti creates and drives an artistic dialogue between the viewer, the architecture and the urban life. Sometimes graffiti disrupts, hurts,
and shatters its presence on the wall. Sometimes it brings the public wall to life, allowing us a colorful and exciting glimpse into the graffiti artist's private world – and our own world as viewers.
In both cases, instant communication and dialogue is created between the viewer and the message left for him on the wall.
The graffiti, due to its presence in the urban-public space, engages in dialogue with us on a daily basis, enabling us to communicate with the space near us, which serves as decor for our living and urban environment.


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